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Anita Sikma Design is a jewelry brand founded and based out of Vancouver, BC. Sikma has spent the last ten years developing a cult following of her jewelry line, creating her own unique references to Art Deco architecture, Automotive machinery and Egyptian Art while firmly standing within her own unique intuitive aesthetic. Anita Sikma was born and raised in the small prairie city of Regina, Saskatchewan. As the daughter of an automotive technician Sikma spent part of her youth observing the value of hand crafted labour. This experience informed an intuitive understanding of mechanical design and cultivated a strong sense of material knowledge. Sikma’s familial history accompanied with an investment in the aesthetics of Art Deco architecture and automotive machinery directly informs the current studio based practise Anita Sikma Design.
Anita Sikma Design launched in 2008 from her home studio apartment in East Vancouver. Sikma’s first collection a series of silver pendants quickly gained attention amongst local artists, writers and musicians. With increased demand Sikma relocated to a 150 square foot space in the garage of a metal fabrication shop. From this location she developed a second complementary collection of silver and gold rings, earrings and bracelets. Collection II increased Sikma’s entrepreneurial momentum. Anita Sikma Design confirmed showcases with exclusive local retail venues and attracted a diverse range of press opportunities extending brand recognition both nationally and internationally. In 2014 AS relocated to an independent studio dedicated to jewelry design. From this location AS has launched a third collection AS|SG. The AS|SG collection directly draws from the designers experiences and influences at her fathers automotive shop Strasbourg Garage, SK. Sikma developed a collection based on muffler clamps, cold connectors, hooks, gears, treads and sprockets by creating ornamental, wearable, necklaces, chains, bracelets, rings and earrings marking an innovative departure from her inaugurating collections. You can now find Sikma is Vancouver’s East Village, in a bright and inspiring design space. To book a custom design consultation email for all inquires.
Composing all her designs by hand, each piece is an example of her technique, practise and craftsmanship and is presented within her stylized silver and gold designs. Primarily using a traditional process of lost wax casting Sikma bridges the past with contemporary elegance. Her androgynous classics can be found adorning the bodies of dedicated collectors across the country.