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Book a private lesson! Great idea for couples, bridal parties, anniversaries and friends! Absolutely no experience required! No restricted curriculum, sign up to learn and have fun! This class is designed for you, come in be imaginative and fearless, create your very own hand carved, sculpted, lost wax ring!

Email anita@anitasikma.com to schedule a date, minimum of 2 people required (price is per person).

Location: 2132 E Hastings, Anita Sikma Design Studio

During this 4 hour class, students will be provided a square block of green carving wax, all wax models are left with Sikma at the end of class. Sikma will cast in sterling silver, file, sand, polish and patina the rings and have them ready for pick up in 3 weeks. Amazing!

students have the option of a 5mm or 8mm wax block for carving, that can be viewed and decided in studio. Ring sizes can range between a size 4-13
all necessary tools will be provided as well equipment if requested.
if you plan on making a ring for someone else, bring in a ring so we can configure that size!
each student will have hands on instruction and personal tips provided by Sikma
I encourage you to begin sketching and gathering ideas for your ring immediately after registering.
class space is limited to ensure proper instruction and develop personal relationships
Class registration is are non-refundable, be positive you can commit before you register your purchase.

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